Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Laura Davis
Consorcio Del Arte
June 2-15, 2009

Remolinos are about Nature, and the wind inside; about transmutation, laughter, and changes. 
Nature calls us again to the same place, now a totally different place - Remolinos are what swept away everything; and what from the very beginning put everything in motion. There are so many transmutations taking place that cannot be noticed, cannot be seen, because of the way they appear to us. Yet finally we feel the very strong wind that took everything, that took all that was not really desired.

From an artist who is constantly in motion come the Remolinos (Whirlwinds), a series of bracing and fascinating drawings about how the confluence of mind and environment-both moving at great speed-changes all, transforms all, and is transformed; for that which enacts the transformation is also that which is transformed, the whirlwind being just as certainly, us.
One might ask: what's left after the disappearance of the ephemeral?  What is revealed in these drawings is not just the whirlwind, but the space beneath, stripped of illusion.  A potent emptiness, a revealing of self that is beyond all doubt, the more dramatic for its look: charged, fuzzy, multiplicitous; a silence made visible.
 We see action at the point of being, a seemingly quiet vista; pulled along a foreign circuit towards that which does not know definition, where beauty is definitely not on the surface; where the basic questions sink into one answer: the moment.  There is raw joy here, the kind we do not "own," but can only be.

Nick Thabit

BsAs June 2009