Friday, November 14, 2008


Andres Pasinovich
arte X arte

Prepare to have your mind blown apart, Andre has here prepared an experience of space interacting with material time, the experience of everyday life having been atomized, tragically, gloriously, but impermanently; because the pieces will come back together, though not in the same order. Houses become the concepts they are, unable to shelter our souls; the bees have no home at all. Flowers might well be suns, and leaves the sky; leopards are reduced to play toys, and a shipwreck the same.

The Amazon, here captured in pristine prints, is no place and any place; not the exotic jungle of our dreams nor an everyday tedium, as for the inhabitants; just here now.

Everything is equal here, a moment; a time more than a place or a thing. And there are shatterings, and leavings, and fragmentations, and all are seen as the inevitabilities and mutations of time. One feels that time is the author, not Pasinovich. This is a show well worth seeing if only to align your philosophy with an ephemeral truth; or you may just enjoy the high, clear light of the Amazon. Whatever your reason, this is an exhibition that will refresh, and reinspire thought processes. Unfortunately, there is no more time to see this exhibition in its original space, but the works and some installation views can
be seen at: and also at:

Nick Thabit
BsAs Noviembre 2008